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Ms. Moss Potter

Born out of love of plants; we created a space that was more than just plants. We are not your typical plant shop! You'll find out shop filled with plants, terrariums and many more. Our mission is to build future plant lovers and green indoor spaces, one person and space at a time.

Priscilla Saynay grew up watching her grandmother and father and their love of plants. All of her life she had aquariums that she shared as a family. Her love of both worlds collided when she started to build paludarium. She loved the creative process and needed more spaces to build them, that's when she turned them into terrariums, small and big.


There is no other better way to add greens to your house other than with plants and terrariums! They will bring you joy and peace. It is a form of affordable therapy.

Priscilla is passionate about her creations. She created her shop to resemble a greenhouse where customers could enjoy the greens indoor. She wants to transport you to a jungle that will feed your soul with happiness.


Do you want to bottle up that feeling good feeling? Say no more and grab one of our many terrarium creations! No 2 terrariums are alike. They all nature masterpieces in a jar.

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Tropical Leaves
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