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Enjoy a drink with us! Each bar is tailored for a different experience…

A glass of wine

Puncheon Wine & Spirits

From local restaurateur/sommelier 

Shepard Ross, Puncheon Wine Bar's 20 seat bar serves a curated selection of wine, spirits, beer, cider and sake. Serving proprietary organic wines, custom made for Puncheon, is what sets this bar apart and provides a unique wine tasting experience. Drink outside the box!

Outdoor Wedding Table


The first solar powered dog friendly 20 ft container bar with a dog obstacle course.  Frozen drinks, cocktail pouches, and doggie accessories!  Coming in late July.  


Stesti Brewing Co.

European traditional style beers with Texas flavors.  This bar is a 30 seat bar underneath Railway’s famous “don’t give up” staircase serving the best Texas beers from Stesti. 


Pallet Jax

A 10,000 SF bar built almost entirely out of pallets.  This reuse and repurpose project involves both new and used pallets to form a lounge area, a bar and a stage.  booking local bands, and djs.  Pallet donations 1 beer per ballet!

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